STV Glasgow - Pacific QuayOur clients use a range of marketing methods to promote their businesses and one of the most successful methods, especially when promoting products directly to the consumer is television.

We were contacted by a Scottish plastics manufacturing company who produce a product called Superspout. This product is used to control the flow of fuel from a fuel can to a tank, stopping automatically when the tank becomes full.

STV Campaign

With Superspout we selected STV as our partner in advertising on TV and used a combination of STV main channel, STV Glasgow and their catch up services. We felt that given the concentration of yachting activities and the coverage across Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow they would react the right target audience for the client.

The catch up service is good for delivering advertising to customers as there is no opportunity for this to be skipped over, unlike traditional TV advertising.

The main STV channel has a massive TV audience so we knew this would deliver results purely based on the amount of exposure the advert would receive.

E-Commerce Website

We designed and developed an e-commerce website for the client which has a number of features to help promote their product. Each product was given a highly search engine optimised landing page so that it ranked highly for people looking for the product using search engines like Google and Bing. The website includes a one-click add to basket option as well at the ability to buy directly using PayPal.

To help with marketing the product the check out process also allows for voucher codes / discount codes so that the business can run promotional campaigns and monitor these campaigns.

The website also has a comprehensive shipping module included which automatically calculates the cost of shipping based on the items being ordered and where these are being delivered to.

To keep the entire process simple the final payment is taken using PayPal, allowing the business to delegate responsibility for providing a secure, safe credit card transaction to this well known provider.

Video Content

Video content is becoming more and more popular and is a very effective way of delivering your message to customers in an effective and engaging way. Superspout has several videos of the product being used and the different applications of this product.

[youtube id=”aLdMxauMH2s” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””][/youtube]

Importantly given that there is an active TV campaign promoting this product the advert is the first thing you see when you visit the website. This gives the customer reassurance they have visited the correct website.

AB Testing

If you are a marketing professional you will already be familiar with the term AB Testing. Not to bore you here with all the technical aspects of this, but the basic concept is that groups of customers are created. These are presented with different options or information. The results of this are then monitored to establish which version of the campaign is performing the best so that more focus can be given to this.

During the Superspout digital marketing campaign customers were given the choice of buying directly on the businesses e-commerce website, via PayPal, Ebay or through local retailers. The results were very interesting with most customers choosing the buy directly using PayPal or using the business website. Only a view people picked Ebay as their preferred avenue to purchase the product online.

Superspout - Fast Fills, No Spills, Just Stops