George Square - GlasgowFor a number of years now Nexus has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce. During this time we have met and discussed a wide range of web, print and marketing projects with many different chamber members. However a meeting three months ago stands out in my mind…

The Scottish Chamber of Commerce had been in contact to ask if we would be interesting in developing a new website for a business mentoring service that they were working on in partnership with Scottish Enterprise. “Of course” was our reply.

The First Journey

Fast forward a few weeks to the subsequent meeting. Despite being a chamber member for a number of years I had never been to the Chamber of Commerce headquarters in Glasgow. All my visits had been with my local chamber office. Located on George Square in the heart of Glasgow I thought this is going to be an easy trip.

I arrived in plenty of time in what was an unusually sunny day for Glasgow (Scotland, really) and followed the directions my trusty Sat Nav was feeding me. When the guidance stopped I found myself standing outside of Glasgow City Council Chambers. Realising this was not right, but thinking I can’t be a far away I started to walk around the edge of the square.

Now I’ve been in George Square many, many times. However this time I suddenly realise that there are not very many building numbers in place and despite knowing the exact address this was proving harder than I first thought to find. Anyway, to cut a lot story short I made it there and despite being more hot and bothered on a summer day than I first planned I found the chamber offices… Directly opposite the council chambers (three doors up from The Counting House, if you navigate by pubs like I do!).

Thankfully since that first journey my navigation to and from the chamber offices in George Square have got much more direct.

WordPress Website Development

The brief for the website was very details, Scottish Chamber had a clear vision of what the website had to achieve. And as the design agency tasked with turning their vision into a modern, engaging designed website. We quickly selected WordPress as the content management system that we were going to use to build and manage the content within this site. One of the key objectives of this project, the ability for the Scottish Chamber of Commerce marketing department, based in the Glasgow offices, to be able to update the website easily.

Flexibility During Website Development

During the early stages of the project the client indicated the requirement for a calendar of events and a forum that business mentors and business owners could discuss aspects of their company, challenges and share their success stories. Having selected WordPress as the content management system (CMS) for this development we were able to quickly identify two plugins that could be easily integrated into the new website.

This agile approach to project development is something we have always deployed at Nexus, however it remains a joy to watch the expression on the clients face when they are greeted with such an accommodating approach to web development. And as the client was willing at run with an off the shelve plugin as theĀ solution this had no impact on the resources or timescales for delivering the website.

Peer Testing / Roll Out

At the moment this project is still being tested by members of both the Scottish Chamber of Commerce, Scottish Enterprise and business mentors across Scotland. While this is going on we are implementing the staff training program in preparation for roll the official roll out next month (September 2016). We will post linksĀ of the completed website project once this has been completed, in the meantime here is one of the banner graphics we have used on the website as way of a small sneak peak.

Scottish Chamber of Commerce - Business Mentoring Banner