Expert modelling, acting and extras agency, All Talent Agency came to The Nexus Agency looking for creative web design work that would transform their brand and improve their position in the competitive Glasgow market.

The business requested a brand new, exciting brochure website that would provide information for potential customers and display a portfolio of their current clients. All Talent Agency wanted the website to be informative yet visual. With this information, the team were able to put their heads together to produce a detailed plan and timescale of task completion.

Once establishing the agency’s brand, the team officially got to work! The team currently use WordPress, a content management system, which has a range of features to produce brochure and e-commerce websites.  Using this, we were able to add content in various formats, from text to videos and images to really attract customers and to gain a competitive edge from competitors.

So what was the final product?

alltalentagency website example

portfolio all talent

Male Models Portfolio

All Talent Agency were really pleased with their new website and have been delighted with their increase in customer base and customer queries. In order to boost the effectiveness of the website, we also work on All Talent Agency’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which has proved to be a useful method to improve the business’ search engine ranking.

We always go that extra mile (along the catwalk) to make sure that our customers are extremely proud of the materials they have to present their business. It is part of our ethos to work closely with customers through the whole journey to ensure consistency, efficiency and to review all areas of approaches used for maximum success.

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