The Hansen Company - Busby, Glasgow. Website ScreenshotWe have been working with The Hansen Company cover over two years now providing them with a range of services including web design, website management, hosting as well as a range of other business promotional services.

The Hansen Company has several offices across Scotland with there main offices located in Busby, on the outskirts of Glasgow. The business is very much a family affair, and their approach to accounting takes the same kind of friendly, supportive approach you may expect with a business like this.

Website Design & Maintenance

Nexus designed and developed the new website for The Hansen Company when they first became a client of out. Since then we have provided ongoing support for the client when it comes to updating the website with additional content and making changes to the site.

Website Hosting


The website itself is hosted in our powerful cloud hosting platform. This solution scales up automatically when the website is experiencing high traffic volumes. This ensures the site remains fast and reliable at all times. Then when the traffic reduces, at night for example the system will scale down.

This approach saves our clients money on their hosting while not compromising on the standard of hosting provided to the client.

Additionally as well as this state of the art cloud hosting solution all of our website come with an amazing 12 months back up which is fully monitored. Ensuring our sites are backed up every day of the year.